November 20, 2009

1. Wake up, eat grapefruit, babysit Evan for 2 hours

2. Shower, bike to Holmes, help in the class for a little, watch the Thanksgiving play, eat pumpkin pie and carne asada burrito.

3. Bike home,go to dance class with kristen at 24 hour, talk to Sharla and Laura, get on bus, go to UTC, meet laura and liam, shop, go to verizon store, eat, go to Lauras, sleepp

November 16, 2009

1. Wake up, shower, get dressed, walk to school

2.Go to chicano studies, check online accounts, download music, study for music class, get free food for student appreciation day, go to sign language, do describing excercises, class ends an hour early, ride home with sandy.

3. Alanna comes over and talks to my mom, walk to the bus stop, go to pb, go to buffalo exchange and try on clothes, walk to cotija’s to meet the others, only stay for a little, go to trader joes, buy pita and aloe juice and pretzels and cereal, ride the bus home.

4. Eat dinner, watch amanda and adam remodel their rooms, listen to music, talk to justin, watch gossip girl and the office, sleep

November 14/15, 2009/ UCLA!

1. Wake up at 5am, get dressed, wash face/brush teeth, check bag, eat bagel, leave for train station.
2. Get ticket from station, line up and get on train, leave at 610, read, listen to music, see Carlsbad, San Onfere and Huntington Beach from my window, arrive at Union Station around 850, get on red line Metro, get off at Vermont and Sunset, get on Route 2 bus, go through all of Hollywood, Downtown LA, Bel Air and Beverly Hills and see the beautiful houses, bus drops me off 2 stops too early in Westwood, see a million Twilight fans already lined up 3 days in advance to see the stars, walk to UCLA bus station.
3. Meet Tanya at bus station!, walk up the hill top her dorm, see Hedrick Hall, meet Julia and Lisa her roommates, exchange gifts for each other, go to see if Kyle is awake but fail, come back to 4 South, meet Paul, Young and the wonderful David, look at the posters in the hall, meet John Ma!, get the picture to give to Kyle and write a note, slip it under his door and come back to 4S again, meet Jaideep and Dodge, go to breakfast with Kyle at Hedrick, meet Johnny and his best friend, back to dorms to show him the scrapbook, plan to go to Venice.
4. Walk to the big blue bus, get on number 1, talk about life and catch up, get off and go to 3rd street promenade, look for rain boots and fail but realize they have an amazing AE and that crocs make high heels?, walk to Santa Monica Pier, walk on pier and take pictures, decide to walk to Venice, walk the mile and a half to Venice, see all the shops, medical smoke shops and muscle beach, call Adam to tell him we’re where Lords of Dogtown was filmed, try to find the canals and find them, walk into someone’s backyard to look for a way through but the plants were too thick, find another path, see the most adorable and colorful houses on the canal and the really cute canal, walk to bus stop and barely catch it, come back to UCLA.
5. Eat dinner at Covel, go to the volleyball game with her floor mates, the bruins lose but they tried hard, watch Kyle win the volleyball contest!, go back to Hedrick Hall, meet Alej, Kieta, Grant, the Ian’s, Kedar, the duo of Justin and Alice, Steven and a ton of other people, talk to people in Alej’s room, sit in the hallway and talk to people, go to Emily’s room to show her Mac Fleet’s picture, go back to Alej’s room, talk to everyone in there, go to Bruin Café and get smoothies, go back to Alej’s and listen to them make clues for Spencer to get his sandal back, listen to stories about Spencer who was in San Diego, meet Mike and his lisp!, ask Mike where he is from and talk more, go back to Tanya’s room, meet the amazing Katelyn, talk to Julia about school and midterms and go to sleep at 3.
6. Wake up around 1030, talk to Julia, talk to mom, talk to Tanya, get dressed and get ready, go to breakfast at Covel, eat omlettes, go back to 4S, meet Amy that is best friends with Maryum, get all my stuff and walk through campus to the bus stop, say goodbye, get on bus.
7. Ride bus to Vermont and Sunset, get on red line Metro, get lost in Union Station looking for my train, sit in the waiting room and find my gate, get on train at 410, ride all the way home listening to music and reading, text Sharla and Tanya, get picked up at station, go home, shower, clean, check online accounts and watch movies.

November 7,2009

1. Wake up to a garage sale going on at my house?, shower, get ready for work, make tea and toast
2. Drive to work, wait outside for 15 minutes, go in and talk to people, set up for the day
3. Work 10-430, talk to Sarai, check everything on the computer, listen to a lot of customers stories about life, listen to African horns while eating tortilla soup, look at various gift shops, walk to bank, take bus home
4. Listen to music, go to make grilled cheese but we had no cheese, made sandwich instead, talk to Sharla, talk to Amanda, bike and do abs, clean, sleep

November 6, 2009

1. Wake up to Adam smiling at me, baby sit Evan for an hour and a half, watch baby Signing Time with him, go home, check computer, shower, remember it’s Tanya’s birthday, run to find phone and text her, ride bike to Holmes.
2. Grade papers, sort papers, help with spelling test, eat quesdilla, organize Mrs. Loebig’s desk, grade more, visit Adam on the playground and Amanda in the cafeteria, talk to 5th graders about how I used to babysit them, listen to 2nd grade play rehearsal.
3. Go home, run intervals, get ready and get picked up by Sharla, call Kevin to get my stuff but he’s not home, go eat at Wings N’ Things, see Angela there and talk to her for a while, go to Target, go to Vons to pick up movie from red box, blast Donk as loud as the car can go, see Pamela and Alexis, pick up Nguyen  and Vicky, go to Sharla’s and watch 17 Again, play with Mimi and talk, drop everyone off at home.
4. Go to Vons, drop movie back off, get gas, see 6 people we knew, go to Clairemont, go home, watch The Office, sleep

November 5, 2009

1. Wake up super late, decide to ditch school all day, shower, feed chickens
2. Talk to mom, find out about “bat cave” and PTA moms, check computer, get approved to go to lunch with bat cave, get dressed
3. Go to Thai Time, eat pad thai noodles and listen to the moms talk about Farmville and crap about other moms, go home
4. Realize I have a beast chicken, call Alanna, decide to go Fashion, take bus to Mission first, go to bank and Cold Stone, go to Forever 21, Hollister, sun Diego, Victoria’s Secret, Betsey Johnson and American Apparel, meet up with Sharla in AA, take bus back to Alanna’s house.
5. Sharla meets Sharla!, drop everything off/change into jackets, go to Rite Aid, buy marshmallows/ skewers/ 50 cent ice cream sandwiches/ chips, take bus to Fashion and trolley to state
6. Think Sbarro is open until 8 at state, sprint up the stairs and to Aztec Center, realize it closes at 7, go to The Grill, decide on Mexican but go to the market for drinks first, decide not to eat Mexican, show Alanna the dorms that aren’t as good as hers, eat Sharla’s food, talk, get back on trolley, forget everything we bought, go to Mission Valley, go to Target, buy white t’s/socks!, not enough time for Old Town, go back to Clairemont
7. Watch Vampire Diaries at Alanna’s, go home, asleep within 10 minutes.


1. Wake up, get dressed, make tea
2. Help decorate and cook for the upcoming night, go to work
3. Work from 10-430, go to Dia de los Muertos exhibit, eat mochi ice cream and drink blood orange tea, ride bus home
4. Watch neighborhood kids play in costumes and talk to their parents, eat bbq and fruit, talk to Sharla and decide to go to party, get ready, get picked up by Sharla, Sarai, Ruby and Brittany.
5. Arrive at Laura’s, listen to Brittney Spears and the song Steve, eat, talk to people, leave Lauras, go to Yogurtland, go with Nguyen and Felicanna to the high school
6. See guys with masks running into the high school and assume they are trying to do something to homecoming, follow them and lose them, go back to the car, watch various people walk by, find Jaime, Shirley and Jenny.
7. Drive with those 3 to Clarissa’s house, meet her dad and uncle, talk for a while, go to the backyard and sit, pretend to take pictures with the various bottles around us, eat, talk, hear music and decide to investigate, meet Clarissa’s new neighbors who like to party and tried to invite us over, tried not to sleep so we could be “thug life”, TIME CHANGE, Shirley and Jenny leave so they don’t get in trouble, sleep on the couch
8. Woken up by Jaime, talk until he gets picked up for rehearsal, go back to sleep, woken up by Clarissa, talk about stuff, watch the orphan with her sister and friend, eat, walk to trolley stop, go to work, work until 430, sleep in back room, go home, read, run 4 miles, talk to Sharla and Sarai, go to Alanna’s, come home, sleep.

October 30, 2009

1. Woke up, showered, ate fruit, checked email
2. Go to Holmes, grade papers, help kids change into costumes, set up for Halloween party, talk to class moms
3. Watch Halloween parade/ be photographer for mom, watch Adam’s class party for a little
4. Go help in the “guess what this is” station, eat food, bike home
5.  Download new music and put on ipod
6. Run 35 minutes of tempo down Balboa, shower again
7. Skateboard with Amanda to the Schillings’ to drop off Adam’s stuff for his sleepover, talk to Tami, skate home
8. Get dressed, go to Alanna’s house to hang out and wait, get picked up by Zach and Alan
9. Drive to Dominos to pick up coupon, order pizza, go to Blockbuster next door for “blowout sale”, drive to Del Mar for Scream Zone
10. See Theresa and Ulysses in parking lot, buy tickets and “magical amulet”, go on haunted hay ride, chamber and house of horror, drive home
11. Get home at 1, clean all the bottles out of my room, sleep

October 28,2009

1. Wake up an hour and a half early cause mom didn’t know, straightened hair and ate.
2. Decided to not go to first class, walked to stores to turn in applications. None were open so walked to coffee bean and tea leaf and bought ginger ale then walked to school.
3. Arrive at school and go to computer lab, checked everything, looked up trains to UCLA, found them and reserved them. Went to lie in grass in front of class and read P&P, talked to Jasmine instead.
5. Go to gym, change, run ramps and 400’s, come back and decide not to change.
6. Go to sign language, learn how to describe people, buy cornbread muffin and tea. Ride home with Sandy.
7. Listen to music and play mahjong, leave for bus stop, go to 711 for drink, miss bus, walked to bus stop in front of mesa and wait. Ride bus to fashion get on the trolley to state, get off and wait for the 955. Get off and walk to the Malcom X library for Big Brother, Big Sister meeting.
8. 20 minutes late to meeting, fill out paperwork and listen to meeting, find out I probably won’t get matched since I am a middle class white girl and live in Clairemont. Get picked up, go to Home Depot, go home.
9. Make grilled cheese and tea, listen to Adam talk, talk to Charla and Justin, watch scrubs and the office.

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